The Book: Women’s Road to Rock Guitar

Express Yourself by Learning How to Play Lead & Rhythm Guitar

Women’s Road to Rock Guitar will help you find your way around the guitar! It will show you the essential skills to play lead and rhythm guitar in a rock band and write songs on guitar. You’ll learn rhythm guitar for different rock styles and ways to play solos all over the neck. You’ll also learn about song structures in rock, how to figure out songs by ear, and how to write a song chart for your band members.

You’ll find out about different types of amps, effects pedals, and guitar pickups. You’ll get an understanding of techniques like tapping, pinched harmonics and the whammy bar, and how to use them in your playing.

Inspirational tips from guitarists Jennifer Batten, Kat Dyson, Sue Foley, Lita Ford, Kaki King, Ann Klein, Bibi McGill, Orianthi, Vicki Peterson, Ana Popovic, and Nancy Wilson are also included. As you study each chapter, they’ll share helpful advice on guitar playing and musicianship with you.


About the author:

Women’s Road to Rock Guitar is written by Nikki O’Neill—a Los Angeles–based guitarist, singer-songwriter and acclaimed guitar instructor. Nikki’s guitar video lessons have over 1,000,000 YouTube views; she’s been a guest clinician at an all-female rock music college in Sweden, and she taught the university-level class “Women’s Contemporary Rock Guitar” at The New School in NYC.

Nikki is an active performing/recording artist and songwriter. Her private students include singers who want to pick up guitar, budding guitarists joining their first bands, rhythm guitarists who need to learn lead guitar for their bands, and touring professionals.


Why Nikki wrote the book:

“I wrote the book I wished I could have read when I started out. I want to share the knowledge I picked up that really moved me forward as a guitarist. I set out to teach the really useful and cool aspects of rhythm guitar; explain soloing in a satisfying way; address song-related issues, and teach the basics about amps and other gear.

“I also thought many female guitarists out there would enjoy getting advice from highly accomplished female players. Some of them have landed the top gigs and tour the world, but still don’t get to share their expertise in guitar magazines very often.”

After years of teaching and fielding common questions about guitar playing, Nikki road-tested all the content in Women’s Road to Rock Guitar on her students before writing the book.


How the book can be used:

Study the book from cover to cover or look up a specific topic when you need information or inspiration! The book includes a CD with the exercises and jam tracks, so you can practice your rhythm guitar and soloing skills.


What level of player can use the book:

Women’s Road to Rock Guitar is geared toward the teen/adult player who can play full open chords. The book features a quick review of the basics to help less experienced players. Although completely focused on electric guitar playing in rock, it does feature helpful tips for those who only have an acoustic guitar.


Note to guitar instructors who want to use the book:

Being a method book, the content of Women’s Road to Rock Guitar is laid out in a progressive order. Add complimentary books/materials to cover full songs, ear training and music theory, sight reading, rhythm work, playing technique and other areas as you see fit.